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April 22, 2014

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April 22, 2014





this was designed for very young children and i am not a young child i am a 260 pound man

how did you get in there.

how did you get out of there

???? ??/?

??????/??????  ?????/1??? ?????????????????//? ?

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March 15, 2014

in color
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March 9, 2014

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March 9, 2014

Klaine being copy cats \uwu//

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March 9, 2014

My name is Katniss Everdeen

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March 9, 2014


A man in Goleta, CA loves his 18 (yes, 18) cats so very much that he transformed his 4-bedroom, 2.5 bathroom home into a feline playground. The $35,000 remodeling project was carried out by Trillium Enterprises who describe the house as:

"A peaceful place to getaway from it all; this four bedroom, two and a half bathroom home has been transformed into an oasis full of life. Plants, animals, playful colors, and every electronic gadget you can think of has been incorporated into every aspect of this home. From the underwater camera in the Koi pond, to the built in cat walks and fully integrated appliances this home meets every imagination."

The house now features a long spiral walkway, plenty of cat beds, climbing poles (which double as scratching posts) and lots of ramps, ledges, tunnels and aerial walkways. They also installed a new ventilation system, which probably helps make it less noticeable that so many kitties share the same home.

It’s a pussycat’s paradise. We’re guessing the humans who live in this house are pretty pleased with it too.

Photos via Trillium Enterprises

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March 9, 2014



Mandira Wirk India Bridal Fashion Week  2013 

God I love India’s sense of fashion

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March 9, 2014



"This’ll ruffle some feathers, tae be sure"

Aaaa so cool! <3